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7 Helpful Tips For Running in the Heat

7 Helpful Tips For Running in the Heat

Many people enjoy running in the heat because they get to combine their love of getting outdoors in the sunshine and becoming fitter at the same time.

Because the hot weather makes it more challenging to run, it can also feel like it's more beneficial because you need to work harder.

However, if you try running in the summer without taking sensible precautions, you could become uncomfortable or even suffer a severe reaction.

Read on to find out how to enjoy running in the heat safely.

1. Run at the Optimal Time of Day

One of the easiest running tips to follow is to plan your running schedule ahead of time. This way, you can get out and exercise in the early morning or late evening times.

The weather is generally at its hottest during the afternoon, so it's best to avoid working up a sweat at this time if possible.

You don't have to wait until all the warm air has gone, but it'll make it a lot easier to keep your run going for longer if there is at least some coolness in the air.

2. Wear Comfortable Clothing

When some runners are trying to lose weight, they attempt to exercise while wearing heavy clothing. But, this practice could be harmful to health if the body begins to overheat. 

It's always best to wear light clothing that allows your skin to breathe. A pair of shorts, ankle socks, and a thin t-shirt are ideal. If you like to take a backpack on your run, you could carry a spare t-shirt to change into halfway through.

This can make you more comfortable when you replace a sweaty and sticky top with a cool fresh one. 

3. Stay Hydrated When Running in the Heat

The benefits of running in the heat are much the same as running in cooler weather. You can expect to increase your aerobic capacity and strengthen your leg and core muscles, amongst other advantages. 

However, the biggest downside is that you are likely to dehydrate much more quickly. Therefore, you should drink a bit more water than usual before heading out for your exercise. 

It's also a good idea to take a small bottle of water that you can sip from on the way around. You don't want the water to weigh you down, but it would be worse if you run out of fluids during exercise.

Dehydration can have serious harmful effects, and you could even end up in the hospital or suffer a fatal reaction. Of all the tips for running in the heat, staying hydrated is by far the most important.

4. Slow Down Your Running Speed

You may find you need to adapt your running technique to take account of the warmer weather. This doesn't mean you won't be getting a good workout; your body will still be tested.

But, if you try to run at your usual speed, you could find you tire much more quickly than usual. In addition, if you are sweating too much in the hot air, you could also become dizzy or suffer from heat stroke

5. Hit the Trail Running Tracks

If the weather is scorching, it's not always sensible to run on the roads. Asphalt and concrete retain heat, and you may not have much shade if you are running in relatively open urban areas.

But, if you are still determined to get out for your run, you can hit the trail running tracks. If you can find a wooded area, there is likely to be considerable cover from the sun. 

The air should be cooler, and you may find it is easier to breathe. Also, if the trail running track is short, you could extend your exercise period by running loops. 

6. Look After Your Skin

Most runners appreciate the dangers of running in the sun and apply sunscreen before heading out to exercise.

However, what about chafing? This can not only be extremely unpleasant but can also cause bleeding and skin damage. The friction and moisture between your clothing and skin can also cause a rash. 

If you do not address these issues, they are likely to become worse. You could even experience sufficient pain that you dread going for your run.

However, there are excellent products available that can treat and prevent these problems from getting in the way of your exercise.

Aside from products that can help your skin stay in great condition, you can also purchase a pain relief salve to help soothe your muscles after exercise.

7. Run With Friends

There are obvious safety benefits to running in the heat with friends. For example, if one person begins to feel unwell, the others can look after them and decide if they require medical attention.

However, there are also other benefits that can contribute to improved mental health.

Of course, you're already familiar with the feeling of getting a runner's high, but you can also get fantastic social enjoyment from training with friends. It's a great chance to catch up and enjoy spending time with your buddies.

Chatting while running can also distract you from how difficult your session is. In addition, you can motivate and encourage each other to improve your running results.

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When you follow safe practices, running in the heat can be a great way to get fit while enjoying the glorious sunshine.

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