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It all started with a passion for leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Being an avid runner, mountain biker and lover of water sports, Rob was always looking for products that would make his daily adventures  more comfortable. Also coming from a background as a Physical Education Teacher and a Holistic Health and Wellness consultant Vanessa is  passionate about helping people achieve their own personal fitness goals all whilst looking after their bodies.  This also meant that we are both very aware of the importance of keeping the body healthy on the inside and out.

We then came across Squirrel’s Nut Butter which not only looked great for assisting with making adventures more pleasurable but it also ticked all the boxes with being all natural.

Having a product that contains only 4 key natural ingredients plus the addition of essential oils means that we are sharing a product that not only benefits athletes but also benefits the whole family by keeping our skin smooth and restored.

When we met with Chris and Stacy (founders of Squirrel’s Nut Butter) our belief in this product only grew stronger. The company fit into our philosophy of being a core family business that just wants to help others in the most natural way.

Helping others is the heart of our business and we believe strongly that this product will benefit your whole family not just the athletes amongst you.

So here we are bringing this amazing all natural product down under do help make your adventurous journeys more enjoyable.

Remember, Good things come to those who lube!