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How to Prevent Thigh Chafing: A Quick Guide

How to Prevent Thigh Chafing: A Quick Guide

Are you tired of feeling the burn in places that you shouldn't be? Do you dread running two days in a row due to the vicious thigh chafing from the day before?

If so, then you need to learn all that you can about how to prevent thigh chafing. This can help you avoid all of the pain and frustration that most athletes experience.

Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to be proactive and stop chafing from occurring in the first place.

Read on for an in-depth guide on how to prevent thigh chafing and all that you need to do to buck the trend.

What Causes Thigh Chafing?

First things first, before we dive into what you can do to up your thigh chafing prevention, let's get a firm understanding of what it is and what causes it. 

Thigh chafing occurs whenever there is consistent friction between the skin of your inner thighs. This constant skin rubbing is essentially the same as grabbing the skin on your forearm and rubbing it back and forth.

But friction isn't the only thing that can cause thigh chafing.

Any time you run without proper protection between your thighs (such as compression shorts), you're leaving your thighs open to rubbing up against each other.

Contrary to popular belief, running isn't the only way you can experience thigh chafing. You would chafe just as bad if you walked the same distance or played a sport without proper compression wear. It's quite common for cyclists.

But here's the catch: heat and moisture are also common culprits of thigh chafing. If you wear compression shorts that don't allow enough airflow, the chafing will ensue.

From this day forward, always be mindful about preventing thigh chafing and you'll stay comfortable throughout your activities.

What Are the Signs of Thigh Chafing?

Uh oh... you're in the middle of your morning run when you notice a burning sensation between your thighs. Maybe you realized your thighs have been rubbing together too much.

Whatever the case might be, there are a few telltale signs that thigh chafing has started.

If you notice the signs right away, then you can catch them in their early stages and apply our anti-chafe sticks to get you through the rest of your run.

One of the biggest signs is when you feel a burning sensation. The more you run/walk on it, the worse that it will get. Either cut your exercise short or apply one of our products to it.

Other common signs include red skin, swelling, or itchiness after your workout. You might even notice a rash that's starting to form.

Sometimes the adrenaline kicks in and makes it possible for you to finish your workout before you notice any real pain. If that's the case, then your thighs may have chafed so bad that they're starting to blister.

If that's the case, then you'll have to take the next day or two off to help it heal. Make sure to keep it clean and lubricated to avoid further irritation.

How Can You Prevent Thigh Chafing?

Fortunately, you can avoid chafing between your thighs entirely. See below for our thigh chafing prevention guide.

1. Invest in Proper Workout Clothes

If you don't have the right clothing for your workouts, then you are sabotaging yourself and your thighs. 

All those shirts, shorts, and shoes are important, but what are you doing to protect the skin underneath? If you go for a run in boxers, you'll regret it minutes after your workout concludes.

Make sure to invest in high-quality compression shorts and compression pants from trusted brands. 

Compression shorts (AKA "sliders") can offer you a functional way to protect your skin while you cycle, run, shoot hoops, etc. 

Make sure that they extend from your waist down to an inch or two above your knees for full protection.

2. Apply Anti-Chafing Solution

The key to a strong thigh chafing preventing guide is being proactive. For that reason, we recommend stocking up on our anti-chafe tubs and sticks.

For the best results, apply the anti-chafe salve to the inside of your thighs right before your activity takes place. 

Make a mental note of the areas where you tend to chafe most (thighs, nipples, feet, underarms, etc.) and apply it directly to those areas.

Our salve products don't just aim to prevent chafing, but help you cure your dry and irritated skin to improve your overall skin health as an athlete!

3. Air It Out

As we covered earlier, skin rubbing isn't the only cause of thigh chafing and other skin problems. If your thigh area is exposed to too much heat and humidity, it can still occur. 

After you finish your activity, be sure to get out of those compression shorts as quickly as possible.

Keeping them on will trap the moisture inside your clothing and cause your skin to become irritated. 

Try to schedule your activities and plan for a shower directly afterward. That way, you can clean the area and get a new change of clothes as quickly as possible.

Prevent Thigh Chafing in Your Life Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on how to prevent thigh chafing for your activities, be sure to use it to your advantage.

Take the time to read this article for more information on the top reasons you should try our anti-chafe salve. Stock up on our products to benefit your activities in the future!